jueves, julio 02, 2009

Gay marriage will lead to bestiality marriage...

...just like women voting led to hamsters voting.

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  1. Anónimo9:51 p. m.

    ya entendí xD

  2. Outright veracity enlightens us forever more hehehe.

  3. Hamsters may vote, but dogs pull the strings.

    Let's raise against them, and let the rightful rulers of the world assume control.

    Long live the cats!

    Heil the cats!

  4. So many lies... and so many stupid believers

  5. Wild Wolf8:31 p. m.

    Am zoophile and theres no point in getting marry with your lover pet.

    We would get no legal benefits and will not change a thing by be marry or not.

    People is using that statement to scare people from accepting same sex marriage.

    Same sex marriage brings laws that protect the 2, like getting bank loans, tax deductions, social acceptance,and other benefits, thats why they want marriage.

    Is wrong to judge people for what they like to do, if no harm is done to nobody people should not oppose to it.

  6. I agree with you, Wild Wolf. Indeed.